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Straight From the Breast
RYCE Books, Sept. 2011
ISBN: 978-0-9836789-0-8

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Chapter Twelve - Case of the Runaway Wig

… I went outside and the wind nearly swept me off of my feet. It was very strong. Before I knew it, my wig was snatched off of my head and tumbled like tumbleweed across the street. "Ooohhhh NOOOOOO...MMYYY WWIIIGGG!", I exclaimed as I stood there shocked. I grasped my head as tons of onlookers waiting to catch their buses watched in amazement. After I came to myself, I looked across the street as my wig continued to roll with the wind. (I was invited to dinner tonight in recognition of an accomplishment our company achieved, so all I could think about was that there was no way I was going to dinner without my wig. Yes, I'm comfortable with my baldness, but it would be too much of a distraction.)

I hoped that someone would at least pick it up for me instead of just looking, but that was not so. Everyone just stood there and watched. (Were they as shocked as I was? "It's only a wiiigggg...Heeelllpppp!") I had to wait for the street light to turn green before I could cross the street and by then, I just jogged across like it was perfectly normal for me to be chasing a wig. There were several lines of people waiting to get on their respective buses on their commute home and they just pointed like, "It went over there! No, over there! I think it's under the bus!" So I waited for the city bus to move and it wasn't there. Then someone pointed and told me that it was across the street on the other side. I dodged cars (Yes, I know it was dangerous. Imagine the headline: WOMAN STRUCK BY CAR WHILE TRYING TO RESCUE RUNAWAY WIG!) and went and got my wig as the wind continued to whip around me …